Hi guys! I have about two weeks left of school!! Which means finals are creeping up on me aughhh

This blog will be pretty quiet until im out for summer. After that I’ll have sooo much more free time!!!

Wish me luck!

I feel the need to try to update more here…

Recently I made an art thread on the Don’t Starve forum!

A Wilson to go with Wendy

and a Chester for good measure

Wendy is my go to gal when I play Don’t Starve!

I’ve been listening to Danny a bunch

both NSP and Starbomb but I really wanted to draw him and Ninja Brian

New theme! It’s exactly like the one I’m using on my main blog because I’m not sure which blog I want to use it for yet

Also I just wanted to say that I’m sorry this blog has been kind of slow recently. I’ve noticed my follower count slowly dropping soooo just letting everyone know that I’m on a semi-hiatus until im out for summer !!

Illustrator has been kicking my butt!!

Here’s some practice stuff from my design class’s wallpaper project

Gets assignment in design class -> first thing I do is make a color scheme

Prof tells class not to use colors until the end

well frick

Redrawing some old stuff!!

arinnhanson whispered: Ava's demon style! or draw yourself as a plant

I think I’d have a plant demon friend kinda like Tuls but more spikey and angry weoow definitely gonna finish this soon!!